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The Brand

We have created a luxurious Eternal Rose Collection. Our roses would be the perfect gift for a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or any special occasion. We even suggest treating yourself to our roses, they are too beautiful to resist. Our Eternal Collection is an array of glamorous, naturally preserved fresh roses, cut and hand placed in our bespoke luxury boxes. Our roses last between 1-3 years & unlike many other companies selling eternal roses ours come with the beautiful rose scent which lasts for several months, why buy real roses that have lost their scent ?

Caring for your roses

♡ Only purchase our roses for indoor use.

♡ There is no need to water these roses, they are perfect just the way they are.

♡ Please avoid keeping your roses in direct sunlight.

♡ Try avoid areas of humidity above 80%.

We are constantly adding to our rose colour collection but currently we provide an option of Red, Pink, Yellow, White & Lavender roses. Along with your gorgeous box of roses there will be a Care Card and Story Card, at Luxe Occasions we love that each rose has a hidden story and we want to share these secrets with our customers.


At Luxe Occasions we believe a box of our beautiful Red Roses is the perfect way to say “I love you”, highlighting true romance. A traditional symbol of love and appreciation, the Red Rose helps convey the deepest of emotions. Historically many notable poets and writers used the romantic significance of Red Roses to complete written classics such as Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. There’s no better way than a box of our Red Roses to express your feelings.


Have something important to say? Pink Roses are extremely versatile for any occasion when wanting to show your appreciation and admiration for a loved one. Pink floral arrangements are traditionally symbolic of style and sophistication. History shows Pink Roses were grown 5,000 years ago in China’s Imperial rose  gardens making Pink Roses a bright and beautiful classic. Our box of Pink Roses are timeless and can express just the right emotion, without saying a word.


Yellow Roses will show the joy brought from any relationship you share. Our Yellow Roses provide warm feelings of happiness and cheer, perfect when just wanting to say “Thanks for being you”. Traced back to the Victorian era, Yellow Rose arrangements provided unparalleled beauty, popular at celebrations and parties. A traditional symbol of friendship, Yellow Roses are suitable for even the smallest and simplest of occasions. 


The perfect way to say “I’m thinking of you”. At Luxe Occasions our box of charming White Roses traditionally represent new beginnings, along with innocence due to White being the purist of colours. Victorian history shows White Roses signify not only peace in relationships but the bond between the relationship itself. If you’re looking for a gesture of quiet beauty to represent unity and new love then these roses are essential for the occasion. 


Lavender Roses are unique and help convey appreciation for any relationship. Our Lavender Roses are simple yet elegant providing the perfect gift when wanting to celebrate a great friendship or someone you love. Lavender Roses are rarely found but are often the first flowers to bloom when temperatures rise, often symbolising Spring. Our box of Lavender Roses provide an eye catching yet precious gift. The sender chose our Lavender Roses to show they truly treasure you for your special and unique qualities.