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How long do our roses last?

Roses are cut after they have fully blossomed when they are at their most beautiful and the sap is replaced with moisture. This is a technique called Flower Preservation and is used to make the roses last 1-3 years.

Can my roses be displayed outside?

No, unfortunately our roses are not suitable for outdoor use.

Do they have a scent?

Yes, our roses come with the distinctive rose scent. Although the look of our roses last from 1-3 years the scent lasts for several months.

Can the roses be removed from their box?

No, our roses have been fixed into their bespoke boxes to give them a perfect finish.

Will these roses affect my allergies?

No, during the preservation of our eternal roses the components which cause a known reaction to allergy sufferers is lost.

Do I need to water my roses?

No, another great advantage of preserved roses is they don't need water to maintain their beauty.

Do you accept returns?

No, unfortunately our roses are not eligible for returns. If your roses are damaged during delivery please contact us on our email at and we can promptly fix any issues for you.

Can I create a custom order?

Yes, your custom orders can be emailed to us and we will try our best to accommodate requests. Please allow up to 48 hours for arrangement of custom orders.

How long does delivery take?

(UK) Next working day on orders before 12pm

(EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL) 7-9 working days